Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Setting the SharePoint 2007 Navigation Flyout Level

Setting the SharePoint 2007 Navigation Flyout Level One of the biggest improvements with SharePoint 2007 has been navigation. The breadcrumbs help and the tabs make a lot of sense. One of the nice features of the tabs is that you can have an automatic flyout menu for subsites. Let's say you have a top level 'Clients' tab with a subsite per client. The navigation will allow you to hover over the 'Clients' tab and see a flyout menu with links to each client site (automatically). Very nice!

Let's say you have Project sites per client. When you hover over your Clients tab, you don't get an automatic second level for project sites. Why? The default setting is set to only show one level for the flyout. How do you change it? Look for the 'MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels' property in the default.master file. It is set to '1'. Change it to '2' and you have two levels of flyout navigation from your top site. Done.

Now there is one important piece for amateurs like me, how to do this? Well, open SharePoint Designer, open you main site, then navigate to _catalogs and look for master, then default.master. Just right click the default.master file and open as TEXT! , hit the control F, and find the 'MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels', change it and viola............but NOT. One very important thing you need to do to finish ip is check the default.master file back in, otherwise, only you will be able to see the flyout menus.


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Anonymous said...

Do you know anything about how to create flyouts on a site that does not use sub sites?