Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Add a Print Button to your SharePoint page!

This is cool for those SharePoint Calendars!

How to do it,

In your SharePoint site, click on a calendar to display the calendar in calendar view. Edit page using modify wep part. You are going to add a web part above the calendar, pick content editor webpart. It will ask you to open tool pane, click that. On the right side, click source, then paste in the following source. Now the only tricky part to this is to find out what webpart you want to print. To do this, just view your site in regular view, right click, view source, and look for this 'WebPartWPQ3' you need to know the number of the webpart you want to print. once you have this, then add that number to the below code. You can change the title by changing the blue font below.


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