Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fix the SharePoint DCOM 10016 error on Windows Server 2008 R2

Thank you Wictor for this great post......Works perfectly.

Schannel error showing up on your front-ends event log

I am posting this as I have search the web for quite awhile and found a lot of issues surrounding this. However for SharePoint related issues I found very little. It seems this error could be realted to you using https in your sharepoint farm and a process or user initiates a http request instead. This error is just reporting it. As far as I know, these errors are common and not serious, it is simply a Security feature of Windows Server 2008 R2 that any negotiation or problem of unexpected messages for secure channel can be recorded. The Schannel level of logging can be configured as described in:


The General error is
The following fatal alert was generated: 10. The internal error state is 1203 "or it could be 10".
The Details are
- System
- Provider
[ Name] Schannel
[ Guid] {1F678132-5938-4686-9FDC-C8FF68F15C85}
EventID 36888
Version 0
Level 2
Task 0
Opcode 0
Keywords 0x8000000000000000
- TimeCreated
[ SystemTime] 2010-06-18T04:51:41.830028400Z
EventRecordID 10087
- Execution
[ ProcessID] 604
[ ThreadID] 3828
Channel System
- Security
[ UserID] S-1-5-18
- EventData
AlertDesc 10
ErrorState 1203 or it could be 10

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Added SSL now crawls stopped

First, open IIS manager, go to the sharepoint site, then double click SSL settings, check if you set “client certificates:” to Accept, if you did, change it to Ignore.

Second, use the default content access account when you specify authentication in crawl rules.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The credentials you provided for the sql server service are invalid & The current SKU is invalid

Summary: The credentials you provided for the sql server service are invalid & The current SKU is invalid

Ok, disk problems resolved, resuming the install (not doing advanced prepare this time!)
Successfully installed first single node cluster, hoooooray!!!!
When attempting to add node to the cluster, it failed stating “the credentials you provided for the sql server service are invalid”. It Failed on SQL Server / SQL Server Agent. I attempted to change the password to no avail, failed every time.
Found this article: which states “To work around this issue, type the domain account manually in the Account Name text box.” This is not true, as the boxes are grayed out and do not allow you to change the account.
Unsure to as where I got the information from, but I had read somewhere that CU1 would resolve this specific issue (trying to find link).
Ok, installed SP1 on the node which has the single node cluster setup.
Attempted to add node, “Failed: SQL 2008 Cluster – The current SKU is invalid.”
Found these articles: &
Install SP1 on a node that doesn’t have SQL installed huh? Interesting. The 2008 cluster install doesn’t use the task scheduler any more, and the nodes have to be manually installed, so why do I need to patch a server that doesn’t have any trace of SQL on it yet?
Low and behold, when I went to install SP1 on each of the other nodes, it patched the “shared features” successfully.
Tried to add node to cluster, successful on each node!
Had to install SP1 again on each node after I completed the install.
What did I learn?
You need to install SP1 (or at least CU1) after installing your first single cluster node. After that, you have to install SP1 (or CU1) prior and post to adding any other nodes on the cluster. Crazy, but at least I know now.



Migrate 07 Content DB to 2010--last two steps!

Reset Site Definition under site actions, then go in and do visual upgrade.