Thursday, April 17, 2008

Edit in Datasheet View in Office 2003 does not work

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The papers that Microsoft at present (June 2004) have comparing what you get with Office 2000; Office XP and Office 2003 say that "Edit in Datasheet View" is a function of Office 2003.
It is but only if you are running Office 2003 Professional.
It is not included in either Office 2003 Standard or Office 2003 Small Business Edition.
Finally, a source that prefers to remain anonymous told me that it is possible to get Edit in Datasheet to work with Office 2003 Business Edition (*note that Monty extends this to Standard Edition*) by making a registry change. Here's his (or her!) text.

"It seems that if you set:


on a machine with Office SBE or Standard you don't even need to exit IE. The next time you click on "Edit in Datasheet", off you go."

Alex Angas points out that the KB article


Anonymous said...

I have Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Edition and the "File Format Converters" for Office 2007 documents installed, but does not work. How can I change?


Tomasz Skrypij said...

That trick won't work "as is" since you need stslist.dll related stuff for the Data View to work. Office 2003 Standard lacks those components.
You may however obtain them by installing the free Access Runtime or Databae Engine. And if you choose 2007 or 2010, you won't even need the registry hack.
Actually, after you install only this small thing:
you don't even need the Office suite.