Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spellcheck does not work

Stumbled across this and found two options as a workaround for now.


1) Give all necessary users the contribute permission level on the top site (“read” is not sufficient). Next, break the inheritance on all lists, libraries and subsites of the top site where you do not want those users to have contributor access.
Which users? You can use all authenticated users, but it is only those users that will be wanting to use the spell check for whom it’s necessary. So de facto that means only contributors or higher.

2) If you think the above solution is quite drastic and requires too much maintenance or could cause a security leak later, you can also

a. On the top site, create a new permission level, e.g. “spellcheck”. Assign only the following site permissions to the permission level:
- browse directories

- view pages

- use remote interfaces

- open

Any other will give more rights, any less will not solve the problem.

b. On the top site again, assign the new permission level to the necessary users. The effect will be that

i. they càn access the topsite but not view any content. They can use it to browse to their subsite

ii. they can use the spellcheck

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