Thursday, May 15, 2008

Creating custom search scope for your search center

have loads of sharepoint sites, dont want to do a generic search all sites from the search center? Then, create individual scopes to scale down the search, just like the search on the individual sites.

First thing to do, go into your ssp admin, search settings, create new scope (call it what your site is). Then click on the rule link to create the rule. I used the web option, then added the link to the site itself.

Once you have created all your scopes, and they r ready to be used, go into your actual site, under site settings, all settings. Under site collection administration, click search scopes. Create new display group.

Last step is to modify the web part so that the new display group is dispalyed. Site actions, edit page, modify web part. In the Search Box tool pane, click the plus sign (+) next to Miscellaneous. In the Scope Display Group text box, type the name of the display group that you want to use, and then click Apply. Click OK to close the tool pane.

On the Search Center page, click either Publish or Check In to Share Draft, depending on your site permissions and workflow.


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